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Virginia Department of Agriculture Certification for Wood Destroying Insects and Wood Destroying Organisms License # 88113-C

Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation #3380-0078

Virginia State Corporation Commision #010581265

Mold Testing Technical Training from Aerobiology Lab, Susan Blevins PhD

Mold Remediation Protocol Training From Aerobiology Lab, Susan Blevins PhD

Expert in Residential Drainage and Remediation, Multiple Credits

Home Inspection Instructor Germana Community College

Wood Destroying Insect and Organism Certified Instructor; ASHI (2006)

Countrywide Approved Vendor #00274459

The Department of Agriculture offers certification for commercial treatment of wood destroying organisms. That designation is "CPA for WDI and WDO". To the best of our Knowledge, Fred Reid is the only mold remediator in the state of Virginia with that qualification.


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