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How do I gauge the extent of my mold problem?

A “Mold in Air” test can be completed for $195.00. The report will indicate the types and quantities of mold in the house. This test is done by an independent mold testing company. The report will help us map out the right strategy for your home.

- How do I know what the cost will be?

There are lots of aspects to mold remediation and each job is different, however $4.00 a square foot is a good rule of thumb for complete abatement.

- Do I have to throw away personal property?

Absorbent items like carpet, mattresses, pillows and cushions unfortunately cannot be salvaged. Some items can possibly be cleaned including appliances, wooden furniture, and wall hangings.

- How do I keep outside mold from getting into the house?

Green or gray fungus on the outside of the house possess no particular risk. Power washing will get it rid of it. This cost approximately $200-400 per house.

- Why are your rates so competitive?

Our formula for determining prices includes four cost for material and labor and we post a fair profit. The better question is why are the other companies' prices so high.

- How long does it take?

For the most part, major abatement jobs take less than one week.

- Do I need to move out?

On major abatement jobs, the affected areas are usually isolated from the rest of the living space however, persons with breathing problems should probably find alternative accommodations for the duration.

- What is IAQA?

Indoor Air Quality Assoc.

- What is NYC mold protocol?

There is no national standard. EPA has a guide for remediation in schools and government buildings. NYC established a similar protocol after 9/11. There is no common, or standard protocol for residential abatement.

- Should I get a mold inspection?

When buying a house you should get a mold inspection when:

- someone in your family has breathing problems like Asthma

- when there is visible mold or water damage

- to confirm the effectiveness of a previous abatement

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