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Encapsulation Waterproofing


When a crawlspace is has mold growth most of the materials deteriorate quickly.

All the damaged materials are removed. All of the infected surfaces are washed with an antimicrobial. All the freshly clean surfaces will be sealed with a mold inhibitor. 


All new insulation and vapor barrier will be installed

After all remediation is completed certain crawlspaces qualify for a encapsulation waterproofing. 


Encapsulation waterproofing employees the use of cutting edge materials like synthetic insulation foam board, Single layer and multi layer fire resistant waterproof vapor barrier bolted and secured to the walls of the crawlspace/basement. A 50 pint consumer grade dehumidifier running in tandem with a 30 gallon per hour sump pump.


With these robust materials and waterproofing the longevity of a crawlspaces life is extended well beyond 20 years depending on maintenance. 


Encapsulation projects come with eight year warranty as opposed to the standard three-year warranty. 

(quarterly inspections required to maintain warranty)

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