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Flooding Response


Flooding can happen to anyone whether it’s water intrusion, a failed sump pump, or a leaking pipe help is only a phone call away. 


When a basement is flooded there are several steps that must be followed to prevent the onset of mold growth

  1. All water must be removed and the source resolved ASAP.

  2. All saturated drywall, trim, and insulation material will have to be removed.

  3. Drying fans, dehumidifiers, and steam cleaners will be use to extract the remaining moisture.

  4. Damaged or saturated personal items will need to be sorted through and cleaned as needed.

  5. Exposed framing will be washed with antimicrobial and sealed with mold inhibitor. The surrounding area will be fogged with antimicrobial atomization.

  6. HEPA filters will be run for a remaining 3 to 5 days to filter out allergens and mold spores.

  7. A final air quality sample will be taken 

  8. Every step of the process is documented for insurance purposes. 

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