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Residential Skeletonization

When homes are neglected for long periods of time mold can run rampant and nearly destroy an entire house from within. Fear not for your new investment the process of skeletonization Is relatively quick to maintain your bottom line. 


  1. All surfaces are washed with antimicrobial before demolition to reduce excess spore contamination.

  2. All infected personal items are removed. All infected building material is removed including drywall, insulation, and Utilities

  3. All exposed framing and subfloor is checked for proper structural integrity

  4. All exposed framing and subfloor will be washed with antimicrobial and sealed with mold inhibitor. The surrounding area will be fogged with antimicrobial atomization.

  5. 10,000 CFM HEPA filters Will be run for between 7-14 days after remediation

  6. A final air quality test will be taken to confirm the property is ready for restoration

  7. The entire process will be documented for clients portfolio. 

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